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Rainbow Road School Programme


- is a treasury of 120 targeted activity Cards to develop student’s development of 21 Foundational skills including Sensory Motor, Fine Motor, Visual Perceptual, and Memory areas.

Skill Areas in Rainbow Road Programme;

Tone / Arm Joint Position Awareness

Arm Joint Position Awareness

Finger Position Awareness

Individual Finger Control

Tactile Stimulation

Midline Crossing

Letter Formation

Scissor Skills

Intrinsic Muscle Strengthening

Gross Motor Planning

Fine Motor Planning

Visual Memory

Visual Sequential Memory

Auditory Sequential Memory

Visual Motor Integration

Eye Hand Coordination

Visual Discrimination

Visual Spatial Relationships

Visual Form Constancy

Visual Figure Ground

Visual Closure


Written by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience, each activity is tried and tested. Activities are designed with purposeful play and therapeutic value as key features.  Efficient documentation systems support the implementation of the programme, whether with individuals or in small groups.  The programme is also ideal for using across whole year levels in the early years.






  1. 120 Targeted Activity Cards  (3 x 5 inch) spanning 21 foundational skill areas*

  2. Compact Storage Box for activity cards

  3. Finger Circus Spinner Game and Laminated instructions (both A4 size)

  4. Manuals on CD Rom

    • Rainbow Road Programme Manual including Small Group progress Sheets

    • Memory Magic Programme Manual

    • Booster Masters- Photocopiable worksheets to support Rainbow Road Activities.


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Rainbow Road 

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road Programme has been created to help children aged from 4 to 12 years of age with specific learning difficulties.  It was created out of the growing demand for school based Therapy programmes, due to the shortage of Occupational Therapists.

Ideally, the Programme is implemented by Learning Support or Remedial Teachers, working with students who display a problem in a certain area of their development.

The Programme is centered on a set of colourful cards, each with a single activity or task to be performed. The cards are grouped into various skill groups and reflect the seven colours of the rainbow.

Sample Card

Sample Card.

Click on card to view

larger image.

Optimally, the Programme has been designed to be used in collaboration with an Occupational Therapist, who can provide specific assessment to determine which skill areas would be relevant to the child. These skills are given simple codes that relate to the Rainbow Road cards and are recorded on the progress sheet. From there the Learning support Teacher or Teacher’s  assistants can quickly devise an individual programme for that student.

Plasticine Micro Dinosaurs
Plasticine Micro Dinosaurs


Progress Chart

Rainbow Road Activity

A chart can be kept for each child showing their progress along the “Rainbow Road” and a certificate can be presented to them upon completion of their term of activities.

 Alternatively,  Rainbow Road is very popular with regular classroom teachers who love tickling through the cards for novel  ideas to stimulate their students. The programme box is kept handy on the Teacher’s desk for quick reference.

Rainbow Road entered the market in mid 2001. It has become a familiar sight in many schools in Queensland and is starting to penetrate into other Australian States. Over 150 locations in the United Kingdom are also using Rainbow Road.

The Programme has achieved excellent results and is loved by children, teachers and therapists alike. The activities and concepts are universal and the product can be easily adapted to any country in the world.

Typical users of the product are        

  •   Pre-schools

  •   Primary Schools

  •   Paediatric Hospitals

  •   Occupational Therapists

  •   Parents

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