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Rainbow Road Training Workshop- 4th Edition-Extended

This comprehensive Workshop is packed with all you need to make the most of Rainbow Road at your school. Equip your staff to understand the connection between foundational development and successful learning outcomes. Get hands on experience with Rainbow Road activities and get ready to enjoy great results with Rainbow Road in your school.

3 Hours (½ day)
includes a refreshment break

Ideal for Professional Development

  • Orientation to ProgrammeDelivery of programme in 3 different modes
  • TOGS- Teacher’s Observation Guide to Skill Selection
  • Hands On Practical Session using the programme
  • Teaching on the  22 Foundational  Skill areas covered by Programme including
  • Sensory Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Motor planning and Balance
  • Auditory and Visual Memory
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Visual Perception

Rainbow Road 4th Edition- Short


This efficient introduction to Rainbow Road sets the scene for the purpose of the programme and orientates your staff to how they can implement Rainbow Road effectively in any of the three delivery options.

90 minutes

Ideal for Twilight Sessions/ Cluster Afternoons

  • How to implement programme in different settings/situations
  • Using documentation quickly
  • Overview of the importance of the 22 Foundational skills with practical examples of Rainbow Road activities.
  • Sensory Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Motor planning
  • Auditory and Visual Memory
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Visual Perception

Rainbow Road Training Workshop

Training in London

Participants will…

- Be introduced to the components of the Rainbow Road School Programme.

- Make sense of Sensory Motor Development and its foundation to academic success.

Scissor Skills

- Have Hands On experience with the Rainbow Road Programme’s activities and cards

- Laugh, Listen and Learn great Tips For working with students

An informative and inspiring workshop is now available from the creator of Rainbow Road to enthuse anyone working with children with learning difficulties. Invest 3 hours now and enjoy the results for years to come!!!


Training Day

- Explore the 22 foundation skills of Rainbow Road in a practical, easy to understand way.

- Discover the implications of learning and movement difficulties on everyday life.

- Learn how to use Rainbow Road in a variety of settings i.e individual, rotation, small group.


Sensory Processing and Attention Regulation in the Classroom

Why can’t my students pay attention? This essential Module examines the Attention Question from a Sensory Processing perspective. With practical strategies and a heightened awareness of your own Sensory preferences, you won’t want to wait to get back to your classroom and get your students on task!

1 ½ hours

Ideal for Cluster Afternoons

  • Strategies for improving all students attention
  • Discovering  Sensory Preferences
  • Understand the role of Sensory Processing and its impact on Attention
  • Overview of Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Variations in Attention and arousal states
  • Tools to Encourage self regulation of Attention

Dealing with DCD

At least 6% of students in mainstream classroom struggle due to Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder, but many are misunderstood and are missing out on crucial adjustments that would manage their difficulties more successfully.

1 ½ hours

  • Defining the Problem
  • Challenges for the Student with DC/Dyspraxia
  • Student’s Reactions
  • Teaching Response- REACT
  • Reasonable Adjustments for DCD
  • Tips on Happier Handwriting *
  • Clever Copying*
  • Snazzy Scissor Skills *

Take Away Tips for Teachers

Practical pointers to helping students get on with learning by addressing the most common difficulties with delays in handwriting and Visual Perceptual development. Time allowed in answering specific questions about your student’s struggles and possible strategies to assist.

90 Minutes

  • Detecting signs of Developmental Delay
  • Making sense of Sensory Motor skill development
  • Put Perceptual Skills in perspective
  • Coming to grips with Pencil Grips
  • Lovelier Letter Formation
  • How to Handle Handwriting horrors *
  • Chatting, Chunking and Checking: strategies for better Copying *
  • Simulating Snazzier Scissor skills*
  • Curly Question Corner

Maximising Memory And Flourishing Fine Motor Skills.

An interesting combination of two popular topics in one practical package.

90 Minutes

  • Understanding the Memory process
  • Memory Problems in Children- the impact on learning and life skills
  • Memory Research Snippets
  • How to Eat an Elephant
  • Strategies for Success
  • Memory Magic Programme- basic training to equip you to improve visual sequential memory performance in children
  • Firming up the Foundations of fine motor skills*
  • Happier Handwriting, Lovely Letters, Clever Copying *
  • Snazzier Scissor Skills- tips and tricks to get cutting skills up to speed *

Parent Talk- Rainbow round the Clock

A practical motivational talk on guiding your child through their day with reference to the Parenting CD-Rom Rainbow Round the Clock.  (Special Offer for Seminar Participants buy the CD-ROM for only $20 usually $50 value)

1 ½ hours

Ideal for Parent
Support Meetings,
Parent nights, etc

Wake Up; Shake Up- How to get your children up and out the door with a smile on their face. Tips and techniques for getting moving in the morning and creating the right start to the day.

Car Capers + Waiting Wonders- Don’t just sit there! How to make the most of when you are stuck in traffic or a queue.  How to avoid meltdowns and mayhem. Turn supermarket shopping into super learning opportunities.

Joyful Jobs- discover the power of getting the job done with fun! Use your child’s growing independence to grow their confidence and competence.

Moovy Groovy Fun-great ways to get some movement back into childhood. How to develop Sensory Motor, Planning and eye hand co-ordination skills.

Happier Home Work helps develop handwriting and scissor skills at home. Important tips to helping to make Home Work more hassle free.

Magic Meal Times- a fresh look at making food and family less fraught.

Brilliant Bedtimes- getting a good night’s sleep for everyone’s sakes! Ideas for calming and creating soothing slumber! Explores the behavioural approaches needed to create successful sleep routines.

Please be aware that this Content is in common with other Modules also marked * if you are booking multiple modules.